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Job Announcement
Date 2014-10-29
Attach Application Forms(DOEE).doc (99 kb)

Linguistics: Full-time, Tenure Track Position (Full-time Instructor
or Assistant Professor), Mokpo National University, South Korea

The Department of English Language&Literature at Mokpo National University, South Korea, invites one native speaker of English for a TENURE TRACK position, with specialization in LINGUISTICS(except for Phonology and Phonetics). The successful candidate will be appointed as either a full-time instructor or an assistant professor depending on teaching and research experience in the specified field.

1. Qualifications
a) A Doctoral degree in LINGUISTICS (except for Phonology and Phonetics)
b) A non-Korean, native speaker of English
c) At least one published research paper in professional journals or paper presented at conference (in case of single author)

2. Duties
a) Teaching load
- Lectures at the undergraduate level: minimum nine hours per week per semester
The school year consists of two semesters: the first starting in March and the second starting in September
- Lectures at the graduate level: a three-week program during summer & winter vacation
b) Other duties
- Office hours
- MA thesis supervision
- Faculty meetings
- Other general duties as a regular faculty member

3. Remuneration
a) Salary will be highly competitive at the university level in Korea and commensurate with your:
- teaching and research experiences
- Performance evaluation (the incentive scheme guided by Korean government).

4. Benefits
a) The employment for this full-time position is secured by the Korean government’s employment policy and the University’s employment regulations. If employed, you can be promoted to a higher position in accordance with Mokpo National University regulations. The initial length of the employment contract is for two years or four years depending on your qualifications.
b) National pension and health insurance
c) An efficiency apartment on campus equipped with the basic utilities costing approximately $200 per month (available for singles only)
d) One-way airfare for those candidates who visit us for a job interview
e) One or one and a half year’s sabbatical leave possible after the first five years of employment, depending on your performance evaluation results
f) University research grants

5. Application Documents
a) Completed application form (see attached form 1)
b) Original diplomas from your college and graduate school(s) or photocopies of them certified by the Korean Consulate located in your country. Or Certificates of Graduation from your college and graduate school(s) (one copy each)
c) Transcripts from your college and graduate school(s) (one copy each)
d) A list of teaching and research experience (see attached form 2)
e) Proof of Employment (one copy each from your employer(s))
f) A copy of your dissertation or thesis (if applicable)(one copy)
g) An abstract of your dissertation or thesis (if applicable) (see attached form 3)
h) A list of your published research paper in professional journals, books and paper presented at conference only published or presented on or after May 30, 2007 (see attached form 4)
i) Copies of published papers, books or papers presented at conference
- If an original copy of your journal is not available, submit a photocopy of the cover of the journal where your paper was published, a photocopy of the contents of the journal, the pages where your research paper appears, and the page where the date of publication is printed after signing them for each of your research papers. Alternatively, you may visit the website of your journal publisher and find the page(s) where all the above information about your paper appears, and print out the part including this information. Submit this part printed out from the website after signing it.
- A copy of your paper(s) presented at conference
j) A statement of research and teaching objectives (Describe your research and teaching plan for the two years after being employed. Maximum two pages)
k) Official documents issued in languages other than Korean or English should be submitted with the undersigned translation in either Korean or English.

6. Application Deadline
a) Application materials must be received by June 1, 2011.
b) To apply for this position, please visit the Office of Academic Affairs or send your application package by mail. Your application must be delivered to the office by 6 p.m. (Korean standard time), on June 1, 2011.

7. Important Dates
a) Application period: May 16 – June 1, 2011
b) Demo class and interviews: June 21, 2011
c) Official job offer announcement: July 8, 2011
d) Employment is expected to start on September 1, 2011, but the real employment will start after background security check.

8. Application Mailing Address
Please send all the documents to the following address:

Office of Academic Affairs
Mokpo National University
61 DoRim-Ri, CheongGye-Myeon
Muan-Gun, JeonNam, 534-729
Republic of Korea

9. Additional Notes

a) The various forms required are downloadable from the Mokpo National University website (
b) Submitted documents will not be returned except for original diplomas.
c) The University reserves the right to terminate any appointment of applicants if no applicant meets the announced qualifications.
d) Short-listed candidates for a demo class and interviews will be notified individually.
e) Successful candidates will be employed on a contract basis in accordance with University regulations.
f) The University follows the employment rules of professors at Mokpo National University for those not specified in detail in this job announcement.

10. Contact Information
For further information, please contact:

Office of Academic Affairs, Mokpo National University
Phone: +82-61-450-2091

Dr. Seok-Ju Kang, Chair
Department of English Language&Literature
Phone: +82-61-450-2123