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Human Resource Development Center

Dream to the Future! Human Resources Development Center realizes it for you!
The Human Resources Development Center helps students establish clear career goals that fit them and how to prepare for the future by analyzing rapidly changing employment market trends. The Center makes every effort to aid in the improvement of students' employment competitiveness. It offers employment-related preparatory programs, such as courses for employment, employment academy, employment documents clinic, mock interviews and training. We are preparing the students for the fierce employment environment they will face by creating the diverse networks needed to provide customized job information and to connect corporations, university departments and students.

Introduction of Close Career Guidance System

  • Offer systematic career guidance and management through the Career Guide Counseling System.
  • Conduct career counseling activities with department professors more than twice per semester.
  • Support career goal establishment through aptitude tests, personality test and other methods.

Support for employment competitiveness strengthening activities through the “MNU Leaders Club”

  • Pursue 100% successful employment through one-on-one customized goal management.
  • Support the expenses for learning activities such as language courses and qualification acquisition.
  • Manage job training, special lectures on employment and other special programs, with the involvement of the corporate officer in charge of personnel affairs.

Management of “Self-Understanding and Career Design” employment program

  • Provide career related information according to freshmen designated compulsory subjects.
  • Administer client oriented employment training through “Student awareness of employment and investigative research” activities.

Systematic career management through the MNU “Career Development and Management Program”

  • Support the students' career development across competencies such as self-exploration, leadership and global competence.
  • Allocate 200 million won of from the MNU Career Development Scholarship.

Management of diverse employment training programs for domestic and overseas employment

  • Manage the “Employment Road-map Competition Program” as part of employment goal creation for students.
  • Implement the “Mock Employment Experience Program” for employment activity support.
  • Provide the “Successful employment Magic-Academy Program” teaching students how to interview, prepare resumés etc.
  • Provide diverse employment-related information such as ‘Employment Guide', etc

Intensive promotion of cooperation activities with corporations

  • Organize corporations tours and job competence strengthening program.
  • Manage “Field Practice Experience Program” “and “Youth Workplace Experience Program” for students to experience working at a corporation before graduation.
  • Establish and manage a corporations database to provide customized information and ensure alignment between corporations' and students' individual career goals
  • Contact: ☎ +82-61-450-2941~4, FAX +82-61-450-2046
  • Office Location: 2nd floor of Students’ Hall
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