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Education Innovative Development Center

Overview of Education Innovative Development Center

Education Innovative Development Center performs ACE business. ACE business is supported by "well known universities in terms of teaching." Our university has been selected as ACE supporting university for the past four years form 2011 to 2014.
Education Innovative Development Center is currently proceeding detailed business including the advancement of generation education courses by six departments; "General education course department," "Major support department," "Instructor learning support department," "Student consultation department," "Social volunteer center," and "Administration support team"

  • Achieve the vision of creating prestigious university to produce 'leader in a new ocean era.'
  • Cultivate talents equipped with MNU four major capability (L.E.A.D) and qualifications of employment to satisfy customers in the industry through self-leading undergraduate education certificate system
  • Create and distribute a new academic-industrial model that overcomes limitations of local universities through customized academic-industrial cooperation education (codE).

Business Contents of Education Innovation Development Center

Advancement of generation education courses
  • Reinforce the core qualification education for leader to be equipped with such as L (language), E (editing skills), A (personality), and D (major skills)
  • Adopted a system of confirming learning achievement including the accomplishment of least criterion of English, problem-solving skills in a creative manner, and major courses-connected general education
Advancement of major education courses
  • Operate and organize major academic curriculums that can objectively evaluate and certify from outside
  • Operate academic-industrial cooperation education in searching for MNU codE (co-op. on demand education)
Advancement of non-curricular education courses
  • Provide education to build customized basic skills in the field practice by developing and operating the program for improving communication skills and foreign language (English)
  • Operate a program for participating activities and volunteer activities to realize the talents required by university
Advancement of student selection
  • Expand the administration for selecting socially neglected class and also the number of applicants by the admission officers
Advancement of school system and student guidance
  • Adopt the life-long instructing policies to support the employment and career counseling after graduation or the close academic advising
  • Establish a system for structure reformation to proceed specialization for adjusting the colleges or converting closed departments along with flexible policy on the number of applicants
Advancement of instructor-learning support system
  • Support the self-learning, customized learning, and enhanced learning
  • Support learning type that derives a self-participation of staffs, opens the lecture, and improves the instructing method
Advancement of education quality evaluation (environment and circulation)
  • Establish a comprehensive system for managing the instruction performance through an improvement of circulation system and expansion of instruction performance evaluation
  • Establish a self-leading education certified system through MNU certificate and also the student portfolio system

Plans for Business Proceedings in 2014

  • Steadily operate required core general education courses needed to be a leader
  • Operate various programs and also implement customer customized education
  • Expand the foreign language education through the operation of non-curricular education courses and operate a program for improving the qualifications of talents
  • Operate student consultation office and promote a course of Academic instruction and consultation
  • Develop a strategy for the program of reinforcing the instructor-student ability and also promote a self-leading education system from it
  • Steadily implement MNU certificate and promote the operation of student portfolio
  • Derive an outstanding performance through the operation of system for monthly performance management