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LINC Business Group

Overview of LINC Business Group

Establish foundation of cultivating gifted manpower for realizing creative economy
  • Mokpo University has been selected as an "outstanding university" in the evaluation from the 1st stage (2012.4~2013.2) of "Business of cultivating Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC) aimed to produce and expand various types of leading models in the academic-industrial cooperation in connection with local industrial next to the leading industry talent cultivating business (2009.6~2012.3) in the Economic Regions. Hereupon, Mokpo University has been granted with 12 trillion Won from the Department of Education establishing the foundation to steadily produce highly qualified manpower with business skills in the field of specialization (ocean wind power and new ocean industry) in order to realize and promote creative economy for three years in the future (2014.3~2017.2).
  • LINC business group in Mokpo University has adopted a value chain technique to produce customized manpower and also create eco-system of ocean wind power and new ocean industry. Hereupon, they are currently proceeding the industrial cooperation and manpower cultivation in four areas of specialization; integration of ocean system, ocean energy, creation of ocean infrastructure, and ocean management. Next to the 1st stage (26 departments), 5,104 students in 34 departments from 6 colleges such as engineering college, natural science college, management college, liberal arts college, and social science college are currently participating in them.
Overview of LINC Business Group

Major Proceedings of LINC Business

Lectures and Clubs for Business Foundation
  • Improve entrepreneur spirit of college students and build an ability of management and business foundation
  • Promote business foundation via support for the club and expand a perspective on business creation
  • Identify an item for creating the business and support business foundation club to produce qualified manpower in promoting the local industry
Capstone design
  • Support capstone design program to improve an ability for solving issues occurred in the field of industry
Field practice
  • Enhance employment rate by providing an opportunity for students to improve practical ability in the industry and also field adjustment and creativity
  • Operate MNU-LINCruit in utilization of organization/operation of MNU-employment cooperatives to produce an opportunity of customized employment that corresponds with demands from the industry via resolving mismatched application between those looking for a job and companies
Regularly operate employment consultation office - LINCruit
  • Provide an opportunity to select customized talents according to the demand in the industry
  • Comprehensively support employment in utilization of major professors in the academic-industrial cooperation
Field trip
  • Provide an opportunity to directly/indirectly experience the field and exhibition of companies based on knowledge learned at school and contribute to improve employment rate
Qualifications strengthening program for employment
  • Operate various foreign language education programs for strengthening qualifications for employment
Overseas training program
  • Build an autonomous spirit to identify a trend of new technology in overseas and determine one's own vision based on an experience of training in foreign countries
The one and only ocean wind power repair/maintenance manpower cultivating education
  • Produce customized talents corresponding with demands of the company and cultivation of global talents by performing certified education of ocean wind power in Korea
  • Operate DNV ACADEMY [International wind power certification education], REV1. Renewables Academy [International wind power safety education], BZEE Academy [International wind power certification education], OffTEC [Certification education for operating, managing, and repairing ocean wind power generator]
Customized education program in the academic-industrial cooperation (customized track for the industry in connection with employment)
  • Operate customized education program in the academic-industrial connection to cultivate talents needed by the industry and also improve employment rate of students
e-Supporting system for family company
  • Develop a program demanded by family companies through a demand survey for supporting the education courses and self-diagnosis in each type of growth in family company. Serve as a window of supporting the customized companies, and provide professional manpower, information, and utilization of equipment to the university
Trouble-shooting technology instruction
  • Identify a trouble-shooting method of industry from the demand of customers and solve an issue by visiting the industry for efficient support of technology in the industry
Customized education for current employees in the industry
  • Demand survey, customized education, and field dispatching education
  • Provide education for improving work ability of current employees
  • Contact Information: 061-450-6407~8
  • Location: LINC Business Group, 7th floor, Plaza 60, Mokpo University
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