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Counselin & Mentoring

Do you know Tutor Program and Foreign Student Assist Program?

We have Tutor program and assistant program for foreign students support. By managing these programs to support and guide the foreign students, we are promoting language proficiency of Koreans students and allow the Korean student to accumulate the experiences as teacher. And also, we are improving globalization index of our student by managing assist system through the man to man connection between Korean students of Mokpo National University and foreign students

Foreign Student Tutor Porgram

Foreign student Tutor Program is the system allow the superior students recommended by each department as tutor to help study of foreign students as tutors. This system allows performing supplemental studies on the major, and relation major courses by assigning senior and junior students by major and allows the tutors not as mere service activities but as tutors to perform with responsibility to help study of major and supplement the courses of insufficient understanding. Since this program have earned good reputation from foreign student due to superior teaching skills of the tutoring students, tutoring study requests from foreign students are rushing and as satisfaction level of the this program has reached to above than 92% in the projects evaluation of previous year, now it has settled down firmly as a favorite study support program between foreign students and domestic students.

Foreign Students Assist Program

We are managing foreign students assist program, which is a man to man friend alliance program to assist the foreign students to adapt the living in Korean and college life. The students of Mokpo National University are acting as helpers assisting Korean conversation study and living in Korea and experience Korean cultures together. The foreign students will adapt to overseas study life easily through the assisting friends and can solve the problems occurring from their living in Korea. When they are opening bank account and enroll courses, and when they are facing with language barriers, the assisting friends are providing great helps. Since it supports 2 to 3 opportunities to participate in cultural experience events, it provides the time to enjoy and experience Korean culture for foreign and domestic students. As excellent program, which have received satisfaction level of 91% in the valuation of previous year’s projects, we are expecting that this program will promote the understanding on the foreign cultures and service spirits from domestic students and foreign students’ affections on Korea and the school