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College of Humanities

Department of Korean Language & Literature

Education Objectives
  • Department of Korean Language & Literature has a education objectives to study expert knowledge on the Korean language and literature and to cultivate the capability to use them in the various fields in the society
  • In case of the area of Korean language, students will have knowledge on the various phenomenon of Korean language and based on that, will learn how to study systematically Korean language. In case of Korean literature, students will study how to understand and evaluate the literary works classified as the classical literature and the modern literature
Detailed Major Studies and Area
Area Detailed Major studies
Korean Linguistics .
Classical Literature .
Modern Literature .
Vision after graduation

Students will mainly enter the graduate school and become scholars or advance for journalist of Newspaper companies, the broadcasting stations and the magazines, editor of publishing companies, public relation department of enterprises, advertisement companies, poets, novelist, critics, TV and radio writers, play-writers, government employees. In addition, they can advance to general corporations by double majoring courses of college of management or of college of laws. Qualification acquired: 2nd Class licensed teacher (only for educational courses graduates)

Praise for Department
  • acquisition of teacher’s qualification: 10% of enrollment students can acquire Korean language teacher’s qualification
  • The department held National High School Composition Competition every middle of May: This competition is for high school students and the winning students will be qualified to apply to the special talented examination of the domestic universities
  • Numerous graduate students have advanced to the literary world and are showing vigorous creative activities
Name Grade Major e-mail Tel Homepage
Lee, Gigab Professor Korean Linguistics (Korean Dialectology) 450-2115 Direct Link
Heo, Hyeongman Professor Modern Literature (Modern Poem) 450-2116 Direct Link
Ko, Kwang-mo Professor Korean Linguistics (Phonology) 450-2118  
Rah, Seungman Professor Classical Literature (Oral Literature) 450-2119  
Lee, Hun Professor Modern Literature (Critic) 450-2168 Direct Link
Cho, Yongho Professor Classical Literature (Classic Prose) 450-2112  
Kim, Seontae Associate Professor Modern Literature (Modern Poem, Composition) 450-2111  
Lee, Gyeongyeop Associate Professor Classical Literature (Folklore) 450-2107 Direct Link
Choi, Woonho Assistant Professor Korean Linguistics(Computational Linguistics) whchoi@ 450-2113  
Department Office       450-2110  

Department of English Language & Literature

  • Education Objectives
    Department of English Language & Literature has education objective of cultivating talents having creative thoughts and practical English proficiency. This department are cultivating humanistic knowledge such as sensibility and logical thoughts, etc through education of major studies and fostering international citizens having practical professional capability preparing the global age.
    In the area of English literature, this department is cultivating capability of understanding and appreciating literary works by leaning and studying literary works of the representative English and American writers from classics to modern age and allows the students to establish a view of the world by contacting literary world of great writers. Also, this department allows the students to have comprehensive and systematic knowledge to use correct and exact English by studying basic knowledge on the English syntax, phonetics, and semantics together with history of English through the courses related to English linguistics
    In addition, through the courses dealing with cultural phenomenon in the countries of English and American region and characteristics of modern society, they widen understanding on the international order and the progress of human history and at the same time, through the courses of English conversation and English composition lectured by English native professors, practical professional capability will be cultivated.
  • Vision after graduation
    After graduation, students will enter the world trade companies, banks and general companies or enter the graduate school to study masiness administration, economics, law, philosophy, pedagogy, history, etc because the English proficiency learned during 4 years provides the strong foundation for the masiness practice or for the study. Their careers are varied from professors, interpreters, press agency, editors of publishing companies to diplomats, foreign correspondents, teachers, creative writers, critics, translators etc.
  • Professors
    Name Grade Major e-mail Tel Homepage
    Park, Seungjae Professor English Phonetic and Phonology 450-2125  
    Jeong, Gabcheol Professor English and American Drama 450-2128  
    Kim, Jaejoon Professor English and American Poems 450-2129  
    Pae, Hyun Professor English and American Novel 450-2121  
    Kang, Seok-ju Associate Professor Shakespear 450-2123  
    Joh, Yoon-kyoung Assistant
    English linguistics 450-2122  
    Jocelyn Wright Assistant Professor Education 450-2126  
    Kim, Bonggyu Assistant Professor English Language Teaching & Applied Linguistics 450-2127  
    Department Office       450-2120  

Department of Chinese Language & Literature

  • Education Objectives
    Department of Chinese language and literature has education objectives of wide understanding on the Chinese literature and Chinese overall politics, economy, society and cultures and of fostering professionals for HSK, translation and interpretation to based on the Chinese language proficiency to foster talents to lead southwestern regional cultural industries and culture city in the 21st century information and knowledge-based society
  • Visions after graduation
    Government employee in charge of China-related jobs in the Government agencies or local governments/ China-related trading companies and venture companies/ Travel agencies and agencies for overseas study/ secondary school teachers (only for teacher’s course graduates)/ enter the graduate schools/after graduation of graduate school, advance to research institutes, publishing companies, the press, educational world.
  • Professors
    Name Grade Major e-mail Tel Homepage
    Jeong, Il Professor Chinese Linguistics 450-2141  
    Lee, Gwango Professor Chinese Literature 450-2142  
    Cho, Gijeong Professor Chinese Linguistics zjzhen 450-2143  
    Hong, Jaehyeon Professor Chinese Literature 450-2144  
    Lim, Chunseong Professor Modern Chinese Literature 450-2145  
    Shin, Jeongho Associate Professor Modern Chinese Literature 450-2146  
    Department Office       450-2140  

Department of Japanese Language & Literature

  • Education Objectives
    Department of Japanese Language & Literature are striving to develop wider language proficiency and promote the correct understanding on the Japanese spiritual culture based on Japanese language and literature theory. And we make efforts for student to understand the Japanese society and culture correctly through the establishment of courses related to the relations and the situations between Korean and Japan.
    In addition, we are cultivating insight on Japan and at the same time are fostering talents of taking core roles in future Korea-Japan relations and further, fostering talents having expert quality to study Japanese culture and society together with the roles to introduce our cultures to overseas by improving the understanding on our traditional culture.
  • Visions after graduation
    • University instructors and secondary school teachers (linked with graduate school of education)
    • Advance to Japan-related companies and trading companies
    • Interpreters, translators and tour guides
    • Tourism industry such as airlines and domestic and overseas travel agencies
    • Press area such as Newspaper companies, broadcasting stations, publishers, etc
  • Praise for Department
    • Held national High School Students’ Japanese speech competition every year
    • Sent out student for overseas study with government scholarship at Japanese sisterhood universities (Nagoya University, Kobe University, Saga University, Aichi Shukutoku University, Gifu University)
    • Conduct the intensive lectures by inviting professors of Japanese universities
    • Conduct the summer language training course at Nagoya University and Kobe University, Gifu University in Japan
    • Held the general meeting of alumni of Japanese language and literature department
  • Professors
    Name Grade Major e-mail Tel Homepage
    Heo, Suk Professor Contemporary Japanese Literature 450-2161  
    Yang, Gyeong-mo Professor Japanese Grammar 450-2162  
    Lee, Hyung-jae Professor Japanese Phonetics 450-2163  
    Park, Chan-ki Professor Modern Japanese Literature 450-2165  
    Kim, Seonhwa Associate Professor Japanese Medieval Literature 450-2164  
    Department Office       450-2160  

Department of German Language & Literature

  • Education Objectives
    We are studying the Language and culture of German, which is the gate to Europe. Also we are acquiring the expert knowledge on the societies, cultures, politics, economies, regional circumstances, international relationship, etc in Europe. To do this, we are managing German language overseas training, Europe knapsack travel, the overseas intern-employment programs and as such, we are fostering experts of Germany and Europe and trade experts. Particularly, we have objective of fostering talents to take niche market of our society in connection with various technology, arts, academic fields, for which Germany or Europe has advantage.
  • Visions after graduation
    The senior students of German language and literature department are working at diverse areas
    • Students can dedication to the Trade and Cultural exchange area with Europe region. For example, students can advance to the branch office of German companies in Korea, Korea-Germany Trade and Commerce Association, foreign banks, embassy employers, small trading companies, etc. Currently, there are graduate students working at Korea Exchange Bank, CITI Bank, Trading Companies, etc.
    • Through studying in Germany, students can keep studying literature, media studies, international trade and business, business administration, cultural studies, studies on special education, etc or can learn the practical technologies like beer brewing technologies, music therapy, interior design, costume design, baking technology, etc. Currently, there are graduate students studying international business administration, studies on music therapy, media studies, etc at Hamburg University, Leipzig University, and Siegen University.
    • The students can be cultural event planner, cultural critics, media critics, movie and broadcasting-related employees and employers, web designer, cultural contents producers, etc. And there are graduate students who have worked as announcers etc at the Mokpo Munhwa Broadcasting Station, Gwangju CBS.
    • The students can be government employees, tour guide, professional translators, etc. Currently, many graduate students are working at the Seoul City Hall, female police officers, bank employees, etc and at the privileged travel agencies.
  • Professors
    Name Grade Major e-mail Tel Homepage
    Lee, Kwang-BoK Professor German Literature 450-2693
    Ahn, Mi-Hyun Associate Professor German Literature 450-2694  
    Han, Chol Assistant Professor German Culture 450-2692  
    Oh, Jang-Geun Assistant Professor German Culture 450-2691  
    Department Office       450-2690  

Department of History

  • Education Objectives
    The history is the science studying how the humans have lived in each space over the time. In the 21st century, having tasks at hand in minds, our principal objectives are as follows
    First, we have objectives to arrange and spread the historic and cultural data left to us and ultimately to practice functional abilities to make them information
    Second, we have objectives to seek and find the local historical and cultural data, which have been neglected in the central perspectives by promoting the interests in the local history and local cultures and further, to strive to make them practical like making them as cultural contents.
    Third, we will study local history and cultures and grant the meaning on them and foster practical experts to chare with local residents
  • Detail Major studies and Areas
    Area Detailed Major studies
    Korean History Ancient History of Korea. Medieval History of Korea, Modern History of Korea, Modern and Contemporary History of Korea
    Oriental History Medieval History of Asia, Contemporary History of Asia
    Western History Ancient History of West, Modern history of West
  • Visions after graduation
    • Curator and Archivist at the museum, history museum, etc
    • Culture-related public officials of Central and local governments (curator)
    • Instructor of University and middle and high school teachers (linked with graduate school of education)
    • Tourism industry like tour guide, tour interpreters and travel agencies, etc
    • Producers of cultural contents, etc
  • Praise for Department
    Since majoring history includes 3 majoring areas of Korean History, oriental history and western history, the students can study diverse majoring areas. Also, we are expanding the understanding on the history, particularly on the history and cultures of Honam region through joint research, site visits and academic symposium which the students play the subject roles and participate in.
    In addition, the students are cultivating their own abilities by making study groups by area and conducting study activities under the supervising professors’ directions
  • Professors
    Name Grade Major e-mail Tel Homepage
    Yoo, Wonjeok Professor Medieval History of Asia (History of political systems of Tang age) 450-2131  
    Shin, Sangyong Professor Modern History of West(Diplomatic History of 19 century’) 450-2133  
    Kim, Youngmok Professor Ancient History of West
    (History of Politics and Society of Roman Republic) 450-2134  
    Park, hyeoksun Professor Contemporary History of China (Social and Economic History in later half of 19 century) 450-2135  
    Go, Seokgyu Professor Modern History of Korea 450-2138  
    Kang, Bongryong Professor Ancient History of Korea 450-2139  
    Choi, Yeonsik Assistant Professor Medieval History of Korea (Study on the Buddhist History) 450-2132  
    Lee, Gihun Assistant Professor Contemporary History of Korea 450-2136  
    Department office       450-2130  

Department of Archaeology

  • Education Objectives
    We are concentrating our study on the cultural restoration and history of basic cultures based on the collected data obtained from material data of southwestern region, particularly Honam region left by our ancestors from prehistoric age to historic age, and are fostering experts and cultural industry expert having capability to systematize and differentiate the cultures of this region.. In archaeology major, since the students will acquire not only major studies mat also linked major studies using major studies, they can seek diverse careers and can acquire master’s degree entering graduate school.
  • Visions after graduation
    Professional excavation organization: National professional institutes of cultural Property Survey such as Institute of Cultural Properties of Honam, Institute of Cultural Properties of Jeonnam, Institute of Mahan cultures, etc.
    Museum and research centers: Korean National Maritime Museum, Gwangju National Museum, Mokpo National University Museum, Dongshin University Museum, Mokpo National History Museum, Jeonnam Agricultural Museum, Research Center of Dolmens in Northeast Asia, etc.
    Local government curator: Jeollanam-Do City and Gun curator.
  • Professors
    Name Grade Major e-mail Tel Homepage
    Choi, Seonglak Professor Iron Age - the age of three kingdoms 450-2151  
    Lee, Youngmun Professor Bronze Age (memorial service) 450-2154  
    Lee, Heonjong Professor Paleolithic Age 450-2155  
    Kim, Geonsu Associate Professor Neolithic Age and Marine Archaeology 450-2152  
    Department Office       450-2150  

Department of Culture and Anthropology

  • Education Objectives
    • Conformed to the demands in the global age, promote the correct perception on the international culture
    • Assess own culture with the critical perspectives and cultivate the ability to propose counterproposal for that
    • Discuss through what historical process the human beings reached today and what kinds of wisdom must be developed to survive continuously
    • Promote the writing skills by practicing site survey methods required for daily living
  • Detailed Major studies and Areas
    Sublevel in the anthropology can be divided into social anthropology, linguistic anthropology and folklore, and depending on the research topics, the courses of the religious anthropology, Kinship study, economic anthropology, political anthropology, anthropology of law, educational anthropology, anthropology of arts etc, are established and depending on the theoretical characteristics, the courses of ecological anthropology, psychological anthropology, symbolic anthropology, applied anthropology are established
  • Visions after graduation
    The careers for culture and anthropology majored students are very widely spread. After graduation, students can advance to the academic world or cultural professionals of cultural centers, cultural events planning companies, administrative organizations, etc.
    It is certain that the culture and anthropology majored students are advancing to museum curators in change of tangible and intangible cultural heritages. In today’s trading masiness, which mutual understanding between trade partners is indispensable, the knowledge on the countries in the world can be applied and students can advance to the companies having overseas branches and culture centers and travel agencies.
    Due to understanding capability on the lives and cultures, the number of culture and anthropology majored reporters of magazines, documentary producers, independent movie directors are increasing. The necessity of culture and anthropology is now being distinguished in diverse fields such as web designer, event planners of cultural arts and festival, activist of NGO and teachers of alternative schools, etc.
  • Praise for major studies
    In our major studies, we promote the students to accumulate anthropological knowledge and to establish correct concept on the cultures through field work twice a year (spring and fall) based on the theoretical courses and allows having overall perspectives on them
    In addition, the majoring students are holding world food cultural festival (during May) and having opportunity to experience diverse food cultures in the world and we are promoting research competency of the students by selecting and investigating and analyzing cultural and anthropologically one topic during 1 year and holding Student Academic Symposium
  • Professors
    Name Grade Major e-mail Tel Homepage
    Cho, Gyeongman Professor Ecological Anthropology 450-2191  
    Yoon, Hueongseok Professor Anthropology of Women 450-2192  
    Hong, Seokjun Professor Research on Malaysia Religious Anthropology 450-2193  
    Park, Jeongseok Associate Professor Research on India, Social Anthropology 450-2194  
    Department Office       450-2190