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Student Welfare

Abundant and generous scholarships

One of the greatest advantages of studying at Mokpo National University is that tuition fees are low, even by domestic national universities standards. This results in a reduced economic burden to students, for the same, great, scholastic benefit. We offer students admitted with superior academic records excellent benefits that include 100% tuition fees exemption for 4 years and special treatment scholarships. These consist of sums starting from 1,200,000 won to 1,800,000 won per semester, in addition to the subsidy of the entire Resident Hall (i.e. living) expenses. Furthermore, there are 60 other internal scholarships, that are available to students depending on a variety of factors – program of study, specialization etc. Our scholarship programs are superior to those offered by other universities.

The best residence facilities – the Residence Hall

Residence Hall does not only provide an agreeable environment to study, but it also offers all services and living arrangements needed by students to learn how to deal with the demands of university life in a self-regulated and self-restrained manner. It is equipped with facilities such as library, language training room, PC room and students' gym. Each room is fully furnished and is equipped with a desk, window shade, shoe cabinet, bed, closet and wardrobe among others. For the peace of mind and convenience of students, password activated door locks, a CCTV system and a fire alert system are in place.

Information hub – the Central Library

The Central Library is constantly striving to improve its ubiquitous user-oriented environment, in which the students can manipulate data conveniently whenever and wherever they are, by developing diverse content accessed via a web-based database, electronic journals, full-text databases etc. Built with 1 underground level and 5 floors above ground, the Central Library possesses over 400,000 books and is equipped with various facilities including serial publication room, humanities and social sciences data room, natural sciences and technology data room, campus shop, reading rooms and internet search rooms.

Cutting-edge multimedia facilities – the Institute of International Exchange and Education

The Institute of International Exchange and Education is committed to disseminate knowledge and information by pursuing academic and personnel exchanges with the world's most prestigious universities and developing practical foreign language training programs focused on the concepts of globalization, knowledge age and information society.
The institute provides access to state of the art facilities in its English Zone and Audio Visual Lab.

Health Facilities

Mokpo National University provides access to various high standard sports facilities, such as a gymnasium, a golf driving range, track and field facilities and, tennis and basketball courts.
The Students Medical Support Center, oversees not only medical matters, but also offers health counseling and a Fitness Center, which manages health programs such as yoga, belly-dancing and squash aimed at keeping students, faculty and staff fit and healthy.

Everyday travel

The MNU school buses serve a wide variety of routes. They include services to Mokpo City, Gwangju and Naju, the Gangjin and Haenam regions, the Younggwang and Hampyeong regions and other destinations. The buses arrive and depart at regular intervals. The bus services are partially subsidized by the university ensuring that the ticket price for students is low.