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Student Medical Support Center

Student medical center protects, maintains, and improves the health condition of students and staffs in an attempt to realize active college lives. They also perform an advanced prevention-oriented event of improving health-related issues such as prevention/treatment of disease, health consultation, and provision of information to provide a service in enhancing life habit and identifying diseases in advance.


  • Improve health conditions and prevention
  • General internal medicine (children/juveniles), Mind health medicine, Diagnosis, medicine administration, and health consultation, etc
  • Criteria of payment: -
  • Range of payment: Limited to diagnosis, treatment, examination, medicine, surgery, hospitalization (3 people room, more than 3 days), meal (However, supplement materials, health checkup, examination or treatment for diagnosis or prevention, and self-identification fees are not included)
  • Treatment fees on physical injuries occurred by class activities in or out of school
  • Perform everyday 10:00~11:30 AM / 14:00~17:00 PM

Major Services

  • General Service
    • Medication and medical treatment free of charge
    • Health counseling and consultations
    • Other matters related to health
  • Doctor's Consultation
    • General medicine and herbal medicine
    • Medical examinations, prescriptions, acupuncture or Korean moxa cautery treatment
  • Student Medical Insurance Claims
    • Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate school students, who pay the medical insurance due
    • Scope of Payment: 70% of medical expenses (however, the actual amount covered depends the provisions of the individual's medical policy)
    • Medical Institution: general hospital, hospital, clinic, dental hospital, dental clinic, oriental hospital, public health center
    • Payment Restriction: more than twice per semester
  • College Insurance Claims
    • Eligibility: undergraduate and graduate school students (special graduate school are included)
    • Conditions for Claims: medical treatment for injuries sustained inside and outside of school
    • Scope of Payment: medical expenses recognized by insurance company
  • Provide health and medical services
    • Basic medical test (blood pressure, blood sugar, total cholesterol, vision, hearing etc)
    • Body composition analysis and body mass index test (test must be performed 2 hours after meal on an empty stomach)
    • Smoking cessation counseling and carbon monoxide monitoring
    • First aid kits support
    • Medical instruments
    • Management of the stabilization room
    • Provide health information through leaflets and the center's homepage
    • Other matters related to health improvement and disease prevention
  • School environmental sanitation management : Conduct disinfection on campus


  • General service: Monday to Friday 09:00 ~ 18:00
  • Doctor's consultation: Monday to Friday 09:00 ~ 18:00 / 14:00 ~ 17:00
  • Lend first aid kits: Request 3 days before event (however, compensation will be expected if the kits are lost or damaged)