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Institute of International Exchange and Education

Much bigger dreams toward the world!
International exchange education center aims to actively contribute to distribute new knowledge and information by promoting academic and personnel exchange with prestigious universities in various countries in the world in current knowledge-oriented and global era and to develop diverse but refined foreign language education program to improve language skills of students and others. Therefore, international exchange education center operates Global Explorer Program for current students aiming to cultivate professional manpower with international competitiveness and an insight Hereupon; the university will serve as a leading role in the international society.


The Institute of International Exchange and Education is located beside of president's building, and it can be arrived at by following the main campus road from the front gate.

Global Explorer (dispatching to overseas) Program

Language study in abroad for students
  • Provide an opportunity for students to learn foreign language in the field in informatized and global era
  • Build competitiveness for the employment in the international field by experiencing the products of civilization in foreign countries
  • Intensive foreign language study from 2 to 4 weeks
  • How to operate
Global Explorer Program_How to operate
  • Universities to dispatch
Language Name of country and universities
Germany Bonn University and Saarland University in Germany
English Victoria University in Canada
Griffith University in Australia
TMC Academy in Singapore
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman in Malaysia
Japanese Kobe University in Japan
Gifu University in Japan
Nagoya University in Japan
Chinese Yantai University in China

※ Universities to dispatch are subject to be changed due to the situations of universities in local area and also our center

  • Qualifications for application
    • Those completing more than 2 semesters as of the date of application (those who transferred completing more than 1 semester)
    • Higher than 3.0 of GPA of completed semesters
    • Those without any issues for traveling abroad
    • Those preparing for studying abroad for each language or wishing to train with it
    • Those in their last semester to graduate are not qualified
Honor training for overseas culture
  • Three team members. Proceed the training freely with students from different departments
  • Select themes related to the general education and major subjects and directly experience them in the field
  • 80% of the supporting funds are paid before leaving, and the remaining 20% is to be paid after submitting the training result report upon consideration
  • Supporting funds in each of the districts of countries to dispatch are differentially paid based on the local price and airplane fees
  • How to operate
Honor training for overseas culture_How to operate
  • Qualifications for application
    • Those currently attending our university with higher than 2.75 of cumulative GPA as of the previous semester(Not available to apply if there is only one student with less than 2.75 of cumulative GPA among all the team members)
    • Those completing more than 2 semesters as of the day of application (those who transferred completing more than 1 semester)
    • Those with good behavior and paradigm attitude
    • Those without reasons for disqualifications on overseas traveling
    • Those in their last semester to graduate are not qualified
Apply for the training as an exchange student
  • Dispatch current students to America, Japan, and China after establishing a plan for selecting exchange students every year
  • Support funds for students to settle on their studies in overseas after dispatching them to each country
  • Remove the causes of fear and understand other cultures through the exchange student program
Country University Name Period of Selection Period of dispatching Number of selected students
USA University of Nebraska at Kearney
Delaware State University
End of August
End of December
Japan Gifu University
Kobe University
Nagoya University
Saga University
Aichi Shukutoku University
Shimonoseki National University
January October Differ per university
China Yantai University
Zhengzhou University
ECNU International Students Office
Zhejiang Shuren University
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
Differ per university
Country Qualifications of Application
USA - Those in higher than or equal to sophomore with higher than 3.0 of cumulative GPA
- Those with iBT TOEFL score of higher than 61 or IELTS score of higher than 5.5
- Those who are able to take major courses in English
Japan - Those in higher than or equal to sophomore with higher than 3.0 of cumulative GPA
- Those with basic knowledge in learning major courses in Japanese
China - Those in higher than or equal to sophomore that currently attend our school
- Those without history of academic probation and also causes of disqualifications of overseas traveling
- Those capable of taking courses in Chinese

How to operate

exchange student_How to operate

Facility Information

Foreign language classrooms (1st and 2nd floors)

Foreign language classrooms are mostly used to provide foreign language special lectures and also general education/major courses in related to foreign language. In the classroom, there are online-based language studying facility in the use of computer such as DVD, CD, audio, webcam, and Internet that it is designed appropriately for various education-oriented environments.

English Zone

Located on the second floor of International Exchange Education Center, English Zone consists of the learning space and rest area. In this facility, it is only allowed to speak in English. In the learning space, there are two seminar rooms that many of the English education programs are being operated by a native speaker. A charging coordinator, a native English speaker, and two foreign students are currently residing in the facility supporting the language study of students. There are 20 seats in the rest area providing a service of watching movies or English broadcastings and also of free studying in the use of wireless headphone in a convenient environment. In addition, English periodicals and newspapers are distributed for students to learn current issues and trends in-depth and also use various language study supporting tools.


Many of the foreign students are having a difficult time to study Korean language due to study space for improving Korean language skills. Hereupon, [Hannuri] designed as a space of improving Korean language skills for foreign students has been installed and operated.

Contact information of International Exchange Education Center

  • International exchange education center team : ☎ +82-61-450-2950, +82-61-450-6202
  • International exchange education support team : ☎ +82-61-450-6200, +82-61-450-6061
  • FAX +82-61-450-2951
  • Homepage :