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Residence Hall

Residence Hall, where everybody wants to come and everybody wants to stay!
학생생활관 사진Living pavilion was established for students to improve learning environment in a convenient surrounding and focus on studying. Students firstly live in a living pavilion absorbing knowledge and spending time with community. They then learn about thoughtful attitude and self-control to be a talent in society.

Living Space

  • Accommodation for over 2,000 student within the a 7 building (or “Hall”) complex that includes Garam Hall
  • BTL Hall was built in 2008 and has 650 beds
  • Every room is equipped with heating and cooling facilities
  • Each student can access to high speed internet free of charge

Convenient Facilities

  • Computer room equipped with high speed internet and the latest computers (over 60 computers for every 3 Halls)
  • Gym equipped with a variety of exercise equipment, to keep the body strong and the mind sharp (there is one gym for every 2 Halls)
  • Each floor in every Hall has a lounge (equipped with TV and, table and chairs)
  • A laundry room open 24 hours a day
  • Convenience stores inside the Halls for essential goods (there is one store for every two Halls)

Advanced Security system

  • No more worrying about losing the room key! All private rooms are equipped with a door lock system. (Personal passwords are used to enter the room)
  • CCTV cameras are installed at the entrances to the Halls and in the surrounding area
  • Fire alarm system on every floor
  • Employee on duty to provide assistance

Introduction to Building (Photo attached)

  • Administrative Building
    Residence Hall manager's room and administrative office, restaurant, arcade, library, computer room, lounge, laundry room and convenience store.
  • Garam Hall
    The long name, Garam-Gwan, means “river” in Korean and symbolizes young spirits. It is the first Hall completed (in 1990), it has 344 beds, and is currently used for housing female students.
  • Darae-Gwan
    Symbolizing bright and clear future, Darae-Gwan is the Residence Hall completed in 1991 and has 212 beds and currently used for male student
  • Haetgui-gwan
    Referring to the first light radiating when the sun rises and symbolizing a bright start and a bright future, Haetgui-gwan is the third Residence Hall. It was completed 1996, it has 355 beds and is used for female students.
  • Hanul-gwan
    Referring to a first light radiating when the sun rises and symbolizing main body and center of universe, Hanul-gwan is the fourth residence building. It was completed in 2005 and it is equipped with the latest facilities. There are currently 546 male students here.
  • Haul-gwan Welfare building
    In the Haul-gwan Welfare building, various facilities are available for students' use. There is a library, a language study room, a gym, ping-pong tables, a computer room, an ironing room, lounges etc. The resident students can use the facilities regardless of age and gender. In addition, there is an elevator and lavatory for the disabled

BTL Living Pavilion

BTL Living Pavilion was constructed in 2008 and is currently operated as Maru hall and Dasom hall. Maru is a pure Korean word meaning the sky that capacity is currently 316 people. Maru hall is currently used as a living pavilion for male students. Dasom hall is a pure Korean word indicating love. Capacity of Dasom hall is 334, and Dasom hall is currently used as a living pavilion for female students.
In the BTL Living Pavilion, there are laundry room, store, fitness center, restaurant, computer room, and seminar room that all the students living in the pavilion are welcomed to use.

  • Contacts : ☎ +82-61-450-2909, ☎ +82-61-450-2910 / FAX ☎ +82-61-452-9675
  • Office Location: 2nd floor of Administrative Building
  • Website :