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Space of local history and culture

Museum was opened in 1982 serving as a leading role of re-examining the ancient history of the area by investigating and researching about ancient cultural heritage in the area of Youngsan River and Southwest Seashore and also a relevant role of museum for the cultural development in local area through experience-oriented learning place and museum university.

Facility size

Facility size

Mokpo University Museum was newly constructed in 2000.
Facility is a three story building with one basement floor. Total floor area is 5,801.36㎡, and the building floor area is 1,747,13㎡ that has permanent exhibition hall (exhibition hall 1 and 2), earthenware coffin exhibition hall, school history exhibition hall, Nokjung hall, planning and exhibition hall, gallery, preservation processing hall, relics organizing hall, image manufacturing hall, data room, storage, auditorium, and seminar room.
Earthenware coffin exhibition hall, image manufacturing hall, School history exhibition hall, Nokjung hall, planning and exhibition hall, gallery, museum chair room, and administration office

3rd floor storage, conservation processing room
2nd floor 1st Exhibition Room, 2nd Exhibition Room, relics arrangement room, curatorial lab, library, data room, university records preservation room
Lobby Special exhibition room, general exhibition room, director's room, office, video production room
Underground Grand auditorium, seminar room 1 and 2

Possessed relics

Classification (type) Total Metal Gem Tohdo(Including distorted ones) materials of bone implement Ancient documents, records Folk materials Others
Quantity 27,679 592 1,769 17,356 708 2,088 859 4,307

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday 10:00 – 17:00 (same as winter/summer season)
  • Second Saturday 10:00 – 17:00
  • Closed in legal holidays and weekends (except for Saturday on the second week)
  • Inquiry for Group tour and exhibition : ☎ +82-61-450-2934, ☎ +82-61-450-6300, FAX +82-61-450-2933
  • Website :