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Academic-Industrial Cooperation

Overview of Group in Academic-Industrial Cooperation

Lead the future of R&D and academic-industrial cooperation

Purpose of Establishment
  • Reinforce competitiveness of a university and quality of distributive research and contribute to national development and local society by establishing the study administrative supporting system and promoting industrial education and academic-industrial cooperation
  • Serve as a middle role for both school and industrial society to be grown at the same time by developing, distributing, and expanding new knowledge and technology of a school that are needed for industrial development and also support the plans and proceedings of academic-industrial cooperation business, central management of research fund, researcher/research center, and study activities of the research institute
Vision and Goal

Create a competitive area guaranteeing the opportunity for employment and quality of life

Vision and Goal
Major Functions
  • Conclude and perform the contract for academic-industrial cooperation and research
  • Manage the academic-industrial cooperation and study funds accounting
  • Manage research center and business group
  • Promote the management of intellectual property right and technology commercialization
  • Support research institutes and school companies management
  • Educate and train about academic-industrial cooperation and research business
  • Advertise about information collection and provision on the demands and activities of academic-industrial cooperation
Current Status of National Business Center and Business Group
Number Business and Center Name Supporting Institution
1 Academic-Industrial Cooperation Center for Small and Medium Business Small and Medium Business Administration
2 Food Industry Local Innovation Center Self-business
3 Business Foundation Supporting Team Small and Medium Business Administration
4 Intangible Cultural Assets Research/Business Team in Islands Area in West-Southern Ocean Department of Education
5 Mid-Sized Industrial Area Innovation Center in West-Southern Area Based on IT (RIC) The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy
6 Leading TLO Supporting Team Department of Education
7 Local Specialized Crop Industrailization Center Rural Development Administration
8 Eco-Friendly Agricultural Research Center Self-business
9 Eco-Friendly Construction Research Center Cultural Heritage Administration
10 Bay Salt Business Group (Sale quality examination institution) Self-business
11 Ocean Telematics Technology Development Center(ITRC) Science, ICT and Future Planning
12 Advanced Technology Education Center Human Resources Development Service of Korea
13 Book Culture Research Institute (HK Business) Department of Education
14 Medicine Resources RIS Business Group The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy
15 Patent Management Experts Supporting Business Korean Intellectual Property Office
16 Marine Plants Resources RIS Business Group The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy
17 Seoul Accord Promotion Business Group Science, ICT and Future Planning
18 Happy Eye Country Business Group Ministry of Health and Welfare
19 WISET Jeonnam Area Business Group Science, ICT and Future Planning
20 Mokpo University LINC Business Group Department of Education
21 Daebul Academic-Industrial Integration District Establishing Business Group The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy
22 Wind Power Examination Center The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy
23 Jeonnam Agricultural Areas Promoting Center Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs