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Korean Language Course


Korean language course are organized into 4 semesters each year (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter semester). Each semester comprises of 10-week courses totaling 200 hours of study.

  • Eligibility
    • Foreign students and overseas Korean citizens who graduated from high school (or equivalent)
    • Students who are 18 years or older and who have attended regular education for at least 12 years
  • Education Calendar (2010 to 2011)
    Semester Period Remark
    2010 Spring Mar 29 to Jun 09 10 weeks per semester and 4 semester system
    * Students can be admitted even during the semester.
    Summer Jun 15 to Aug 21
    Fall Oct 04 to Dec 13
    Winter Dec 20 to Feb 28
    2011 Spring Mar 28 to Jun 08
    Summer Jun 20 to Aug 23
    Fall Sep 26 to Dec 06
    Winter Dec 19 to Feb 24
    The schedule is subject to change


  • Tuition fee payment → visa application → notification of verification result → document verification and interview → admission following visa is issuance
  • Required Documents
    • Application (handwritten by applicant, prescribed form)
    • Curriculum Vitae, self-introduction, study plan (handwritten by applicant, prescribed form, translated in Korean)
    • Copy of passport and 3 photos (3x4 cm)
    • Original certificate of final degree and original transcript (for all grades)
    • Original bank balance statement (with RMB70,000 or more, deposited for a minimum of 6 months) and copy of passbook
    • Originals and copies of family's identification documents (for the entire family)
    • Certificate of parent's employment and annual income (translated into Korean)
    • Original internet education certificate [for high school:, for junior college or higher:]
    • Recommendation from the principal of final school (translated into Korean)
    • Certificate of employment (if applicable) (translated into Korean)
  • Prepare the application and send it by registered mail (with the required documents attached) or visit us directly at the Institute of International Exchange and Education of Mokpo National University.
    • Address: 1666 Youngsan-Lo, Cheonggye-Myun, Muan-Gun, Jeollanam-Do, Republic of Korea (560 Musan-Lo)
    • Tel: 86-61-450-6200
    • Fax: 86-61-450-2951

Application and Extension of visa

Submit certification of admission and tuition fee payment receipt → visa issued after verification of document at Korean embassy → submit certificate of enrollment issued the by Institute of International Exchange and Education → apply for the visa extension(takes about one month) → visa extended

Education Course (4 Courses divided into 6 classes, more or less 15 students per class)

  • Basic course
    Cultivate the basic communication skills in the Korean language required for everyday life.
  • Beginner course
    Cultivate the essential communication skills needed in daily life for the graduates of the basic Korean education course or for students having basic Korean language skills.
  • Intermediate course
    Cultivate more developed communications skills permitting students to participate in more complex social activities. For graduates of the beginner course or for students with an equivalent understanding of Korean at the beginner level.
  • Advanced course
    Cultivate an expanded knowledge of the Korean history and culture while learning to speak Korean fluently. For graduates of the intermediate Korean course or students having intermediate Korean language skills.


Scholarship and awards

  • For those who excel in their studies.
    • Students within the top 5%: 200,000 won
    • Students within the 5% to 15%: 150,000 won
    • Students within the 15% to 30%: 100,000 won
  • Special Scholarship: The director of Institute of International Exchange and Education shall award a Special Scholarship for special needs.
  • There are other awards and prizes, such as the certificate of merit for a perfect attendance record.

Cultural Tours: The Korean Cultural Tour is provided every semester

Tourist attractions, amusement park, cultural sites visit, experiencing Korean culture etc.

Benefits for language course students

  • Boarding house accommodation (rent will be charged separately)
  • Library use of library (borrowing books allowed)
  • Korean student to assist the foreign student
  • Use of university facilities (museum, Civil Service Examination residence, gymnasium, golf practice range, weight room etc)
  • Access to the Korean language room (Hannuri) and to the counseling rooms
  • Access to scholarships once admitted to our undergraduate and graduate school
  • 30% discount from tuition fees if enrolling in other courses offered by the institute

Mokpo National University

  • Leafing University in the age of new provincial government office
  • Mokpo National University
  • Ocean, shipmailding industry-focused University
  • Northeastern Asia international exchange base university
  • Pacific rim global base university

Institute of International Exchange and Education of Mokpo National University

Our institute continues to expand its partnerships and language exchange programs with domestic and overseas universities in order to fulfill the diverse needs for language education in the global age. The Korean language courses are the “flagship” education courses offered by the institute. Our team of expert teachers, possessing Masters or higher degrees in humanities and sociology fields, are providing our foreign students with a unique learning experience, while using the latest technology and audiovisual materials.