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Global Standing

A great dream for the world

Mokpo National University is striving to play its part in the knowledge era by disseminating knowledge and information and by establishing new programs of study and initiating faculty and student exchanges with other prestigious universities in the world.
MNU’s Institute of International Exchange and Education is involved in developing a variety of versatile and practical foreign language education programs. Our continual cooperation with overseas universities results in high quality programs that prepare our students to play leading roles in international society by instilling them with values relevant to success in the modern age.

The Institute of International Exchange and Education incorporates a pleasant classroom environment with excellent instructors, access to an audio visual library and multimedia equipment, to offer the best education possible. To further satisfy the students’ and public’s hunger for foreign language education, a state of the art international conference room is being created. We are confident with high expectations and active support for foreign language and culture education, students will be ready for the globalized tomorrow.

In addition, to place Mokpo National University in the forefront of international education we offer comprehensive Korean language and cultural education courses to capable foreign students . It is our goal to ensure that while MNU reaches to the world through its foreign language initiatives, the world’s interest in Korea and Korean language is also satisfied.