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Year of 2018

2018년도 역사
  • The 8th President, Doctor Min-Seo PARK was inaugurated

Year of 2014

2014년도 역사
  • The 7th President, Doctor Choi Il was inaugurated

Year of 2013

2013년도 역사
  • Newly constructed research institute (Construction technology integration research institute), operated as 35 research units
  • Newly established life ethics consideration committee
    Closed Asia cooperation center
  • Modified school system at Industrial Technology Graduate School (14 majors in one department -> 15 majors in 7 departments)
    Established contract department at Mokpo University (Machine ocean system engineering department)
  • Opened Namak campus education support center (Transferred Graduate school of Management administration and school of continuing education)
  • Renamed departments (Office accounting department -> office financial department)
    Newly established research institute (East Asia economic research institute, ceramic industrial technology research institute)
    Closed research institute (Basic science research institute, engineering technology research institute)

Year of 2012

2012년도 역사
  • Abolished the name of full-time lecturer -> renamed it as an assistant professor
    Closed talents cultivating center for the new regeneration energy for ocean wind power
    Newly installed the LINC business group
  • Newly established the research institute (national auto-culture/industrial research institute), operated as 33 research institutes
  • Changed the academic system at Graduate School of Industrial Technology (5 semesters -> 4 semesters)

Year of 2011

2011년도 역사
  • Newly established education innovative development center
    Closed general social education major from the Graduate School of Education, ethical study major, electricity/electronics/communication education major, family education major, and children education major (changed the years required for graduation into 5 semesters)
  • Newly established the business foundation supporting group
  • Newly established pharmacy school
    Newly established the department (natural interdisciplinary major)
    Newly established two of the academic-industrial cooperated courses for the master/doctoral program in the General Graduate School (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea Institute of Energy Research)
    Renamed the life-long education department to the school of continuing education

Year of 2010

2010년도 역사
  • Renamed the intermediate education center to education/training center
  • Newly established the social companies study cooperation course in the Graduate School of Management and Public Administration
  • Newly established the room for admission officers
  • Newly established book culture research institute
    Newly established courses of study for the teaching profession
  • Assigned the number of members in the newly established pharmacy college
  • The 6th generation dean, Doctor Ko, Suk Gyo was inaugurated
    Implemented the entire department policies, 55 departments in 7 colleges, total number of students of 1,785
    Newly established landscape study major in the Graduate School of Industrial Technology

Year of 2009

2009년도 역사
  • Newly established College of Education
    Newly established research institutes (Research institute of coping with climate changes and energy resources, oriental medicine industry research institute, new regeneration energy technology research institute, Europe culture research institute, and IT integration research institute)
    Newly established centers (Shipbuilding basic design research group, IT + Shipbuilding integration talents cultivating center, talents cultivating business group for local industry, family management research center, business group of juveniles full of dream, book+children vision and dream business group, life-long health protecting juvenile business group, and juvenile business group supporting center)
    Ground-breaking ceremony of art center (2009.04.17.)
    Established life-long education department
  • Newly established majors and departments (English education department, nursing department, ocean system engineering department)
    Newly established master program at the Graduate School of Education (life-long education major, gifted student education major)
    Newly established cooperated courses between master programs in the Management and Public Administration Department

Year of 2008

2008년도 역사
  • Newly established departments (Mathematics education department)
    Newly established cooperated courses between doctoral programs in the graduate school (new materials system engineering)
    Newly established the major in the Graduate School of Industrial Technology, 13 majors in 1 department
    Ground-breaking ceremony for the fifth engineering pavilion (2009.06.11.)
    Newly established research institute (cadastral real estate research institute, construction safety research institute), operated as 25 reseach institutes
    Newly established centers (advanced technology education center, ocean telematics development center)

Year of 2007

2007년도 역사
  • Established 6 colleges (Humanity college, social science college, natural science college, engineering college, management college, life science/life art and physical education college), 12 undergraduate programs (40 majors), 15 departments, total number of students of 1,785
    Newly established cooperated courses between master programs in the graduate school (sunlight system engineering)
    Closed the cooperated courses between master programs in the graduate school (China regions study)
    Newly established doctoral program in the graduate school (Construction engineering)
    Newly established engineering education innovative center
    Closed 4 research institutes, operated as 23 research institutes
    Newly established research institute (Bay salt life science research institute)
    Established school corporation

Year of 1990~

1990~2006년도 역사
March, 1990
  • Raised the status to Mokpo National University
February, 1991
  • Established sisterhood relationship with Yantai University in China
June, 1991
  • Established sisterhood relationship with Nagoya University in Japan
March, 1992
  • Reorganized the Natural Science College into the Natural Science College and Life Sciences
    College and established the doctorate program at the graduate school
March, 1993
  • Reorganized the Social Sciences College into Social Sciences College and Business Administration College
December, 1993
  • Completed the Faculty House
March, 1994
  • Dr. Lee Taeheun inaugurated as 2nd president
December, 1995
  • Completed the Woo Kyeongseos Hall (residence for preparing students for the Higher Civil Service Examination) and hold the donation ceremony
September, 1996
  • Opened the Social Education Center
May, 1997
  • Authorized the Secondary Teacher Training Center
March, 1998
  • Dr. Noh Jinyeong inaugurated as 3rd president
December, 1998
  • Changed the anniversary of founding of school to October 31 (Opening date of Normal School)
  • MechanicalㆍShip and Ocean Engineering College was designated for the field of “Transportation Machine” BK21 Project
May, 1999
  • Concluded the Mutual Exchange Agreement with Changwon University
March, 2000
  • Completed the Museum
November, 2000
  • Changed the denomination of Secondary Teacher Training Center to the Secondary Education Training Center
March, 2001
  • Cultural Sciences Research Institute, Social Sciences Research Institute, Natural Sciences Research Institute and Application Science Research Institute were founded
April, 2001
  • Concluded the Academic Exchange Agreement with Kobe University in Japan
March, 2002
  • Dr. Kim Woongbae inaugurated as 4th president
    The college system was abolished
March, 2004
  • Opened the Science Education Institute for the Gifted and established the Industry-Academy Cooperation Foundation
July, 2004
  • Initiated the Nuri Project of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (involving the Shipbuilding Human Resources Fostering Project, Archipelago Cultural Contents Project)
March, 2006
  • Dr. Lim Byeongseon inaugurated as 5th president
June, 2006
  • Held the 60th Anniversary Declaration Ceremony
October, 2006
  • Opened the Plaza 60
    Celebrated the 60th Anniversary and held the Night of Sponsorship

Year of 1979~

1979~1989년도 역사
March, 1979
  • Reformed as 4-year Mokpo National College
March, 1979
  • Dr. Park Gwangsun inaugurated as 1st president
January, 1980
  • Held the graduation ceremony of Mokpo Junior College (154 student were admitted to our college as transfer students)
March, 1980
  • Dr. Ph Changhwan inaugurated as 2nd president
December, 1980
  • Started the purchase proceedings of the Dorim (in Cheonggye-Myun) campus site
March, 1981
  • Built the Students' Hall
April, 1981
  • Celebrated the R.O.T.C
December, 1981
  • Held the Dorim campus' ground-breaking ceremony
March, 1982
  • Mun Seonggil won the Bronze Medal at the Asian Games (Boxing)
December, 1982
  • Completed the Dorim campus' first building
March, 1983
  • Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Law and Economy moved into the Cheonggye-Myun Campus
June, 1983
  • The turtle was chosen as symbol of the college
June, 1983
  • Completed the Dorim campus's second building
July, 1983
  • Founded the Social Science Research Institute
July, 1983
  • Founded the Costal Environment Research Institute
March, 1984
  • Dr. Kim Youngjin inaugurated as 3rd president
April, 1984
  • Started the construction of the Central Library and the Natural Sciences Hall
May, 1984
  • Completed the Students' Hall
August, 1984
  • Jeon Cheolseong won the bronze medal at the 24th Olympic Games in Los Angeles
January, 1985
  • Established the sisterhood relationship with South Mississippi University in U.S.
June, 1985
  • Held the ground-breaking ceremony for the Art Hall
    Faculty of Natural Sciences moved into the Dorim campus
December, 1985
  • Held the Central Library completion ceremony
July, 1986
  • Took part in the Academic Exchange and Cooperation Signing Ceremony at the Feng Chia University in Taiwan
July, 1987
  • First students were sent out on off-campus training programs
October, 1987
  • Established the Professor Council
November, 1987
  • Authorized the establishment of the graduate school (7 departments)
February, 1988
  • Held the school gate completion ceremony
July, 1988
  • Dr. Gang Taeseok inaugurated as 4th president
February, 1989
  • Department of Fine Arts and department of Music inaugurated at Mokpo Campus
    Department of Physical Education moved into Dorim Campus
December, 1989
  • Held first direct elections for the president post

Year of 1963~

1963~1978년도 역사
December, 1963
  • Authorized the Foundation of Mokpo National College of Education
March, 1964
  • Opened the school and 80 freshmen were admitted
November, 1964
  • Prof. Jeong Jeongseop inaugurated as 1st president
January, 1966
  • Founded the Elementary Teacher Training Center
December, 1986
  • New college building completion ceremony
July, 1969
  • Prof. Jeong Jeongseop re-elected as presidentl
February, 1970
  • Prof. Kim Sikjung inaugurated as 2nd president
January, 1974
  • Prof. Kim Sikjung reelected as president
January, 1978
  • Prof. Kim Youngjin inaugurated as 3rd president
February, 1978
  • 13th Graduation Ceremony
March, 1978
  • Reformed as Junior College

Year of 1946~

1946~1963년도 역사
October 1946
  • Opened Mokpo Teacher's College
December, 1946
  • Admitted students from all grades (freshmen to senior) for a 6-year system
July, 1947
  • Held 1st graduation ceremony
May, 1948
  • Mokpo Teacher's College May 07 Incident (protest against the separate government establishment)
  • Reformed into 3-Year teacher's college and attached middle school
    Moved into new building at Yonghae-Dong (San43 yonghae-Dong, where the current Songrim campus is located)
April, 1957
  • Opened the attached elementary school
April, 1957
  • Temporarily reformed to Mokpo Vocational High School according to the policy of abolishment of the teacher's college
February, 1963
  • Abolished the teacher's college according to the reform of National School Establishment Ordinance
February, 1963
  • 17th graduation ceremony (for students admitted in 1960)